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The Tories have a history of blocking funding for local authorities and have shown no inclination to do anything to rebuild public services here. At the same time they continue to take money from councils in other parts of the country and offering them nothing in return. Local government is being torn apart.

At the start of March alone, the Tories attacked Labour councils across England. This resulted in over £1.2 billion of funding cuts to local government combined with the imposition of cuts to services and cuts to council employees. Right here in Tower Hamlets this amounts to 130 council staff losing their jobs. Out of 165 offices across the borough, 30 could be closed completely.

Local government now faces another onslaught of devastating cuts. The Equality and Human Rights Commission is calling for £5 billion worth of cuts to local government across the country. Meanwhile in the courts, it appears that the government are trying to avoid a breach of their own rules.

We’ve been told here that the more resources that are given to local authorities, the better it will be for the people of the borough. This has never been more clearly demonstrated than by the huge surge in housing benefit and tax credits. In an area like Tower Hamlets, the bulk of the support is given to private landlords. The government keep telling us that we need to create more private rented sector homes. Since January 2014, the number of properties that are rented from private landlords has increased by more than 40% while house prices in the borough have grown by more than 7%. Without a doubt, this has left more and more people on housing benefit.

There is one particular event that the Tories failed to mention in their list of successes here. When right wing council bosses failed to meet their target for the number of affordable homes created in Tower Hamlets, they

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Download Crack Mb Benz Skc
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The originals cost was approximately 2,000 euros. Can you confirm whether this is still the current cost? Many thanksExploring the carers’ perspective regarding patient participation in lung cancer screening trials: A qualitative study.
Lung cancer screening trials recruit thousands of participants who are often from geographically remote regions. The burden and consequences of being a research participant has been documented; however, little is known about what it means to be a carer for someone who takes part in lung cancer screening research. The overarching aim of this study was to explore the experiences of carers of people with lung cancer, who participate in lung cancer screening research. A qualitative descriptive approach was used to explore the experiences of carers of lung cancer patients. Three carers for patients with early stage lung cancer participated in a semi-structured telephone interview. Carers were encouraged to ask any questions they wished to explore and were reassured that their response would be kept confidential. Carers’ perspectives in regards to patient participation in lung cancer screening trials differed from those of patients, who viewed the trial as a positive opportunity to be tested and participate in research. The impact of the trial on carers was multifaceted and varied depending on how willing the carer was to support the patient’s participation. For example, carers who strongly supported their patients to participate in the trial demonstrated minimal impact on their lives and were found to seek assistance to reduce their anxiety from family and friends. However, those who found it more difficult to accept their patients’ decision to participate in the trial reported a negative experience which had both emotional

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